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Looking Forward

non-GMO vs RR 2Ynon GMO vx RR2Y

A soybean research plot on Anchor Farms containing 12 different non-GMO varieties and 14 different Roundup Ready 2Y varieties




Corn Treatment Plot Corn Treatment Plot

A corn plot on Anchor Farms, in cooperation with Penn State Extension and Keystone Group Ag Seeds, evaluating 8 different herbicide treatments




Stine Soybeans

12 rows of 30″ Stine 24RE03 soybeans will 35 gal/acre of 30% N solution applied……we wonder what the response to this will be?


2014 Ag Progress Days Corn Plot

The 1st Choice Seed corn plot for display at Ag Progress Days is well on its way at this point in the season. Be sure to stop by between August 12-14 to see what Keystone Group Ag Seeds and 1st Choice have to offer.

APD 1st Choice Corn Plot 3 APD 1st Choice Corn Plot 2 APD 1st Choice Corn Plot 1


Keystone Group Agricultural Seeds Attends Ag Progress Days

Spencer Allen and Will AnchorAll had a great time as Keystone Group Agricultural Seeds attended the Ag Progress Days in Rock Springs this year. Farm families from all over Pennsylvania, the southern states, as well as New England came to learn about the latest innovations in the agricultural industry and spend time with Penn State Extension educators.  Attending and minding our tent was Joe Anchor, Spencer Allen, Nancy Houston and new this year, Joe’s son Will. Hope you saw how much pride Joe had watching Will speaking to folks coming through the tent. Will answered questions regarding the Tillage Radish product, as well as other cover crops, like a seasoned pro.

We feel the corn plot we displayed will help make corn sales easy this coming spring for anyone who walked through it. We were quite pleased with how beautiful our corn plot looked and what a great job our technician did tending to the plot before Ag Progress Days. It’s always better to show customers a corn plot, as opposed to just being able to show the corn varieties in a catalog.

We would like to thank the companies we work withand the help they provided us: Andrew, Angelia and Brian from 1st Choice Seeds, Gary Dollarhite from ABM, and Joe Schmidlen from Barenbrug. Barenbrug also had present Peter Ballerstedt, Forage Product manager for the United States. His attendance affirmed his commitment to Keystone Group Ag Seeds, their customers, and our future endeavors. We truly have incredible support.

As Joe Anchor sums it up, “We have been participating as a vendor at Ag Progress Days now for 14 years. While agriculture has changed over those 14 years, the quality and integrity of our farmers have not changed. And, while it is a lot of hard work getting ready for Ag Progress Days, the reward for our effort, besides seeing customers and meeting potential customers, is seeing the farmers, talking about their operations, and seeing the interaction they have with their families. We truly are in the greatest industry imaginable.

Ag Progress Days is Pennsylvania’s largest outdoor agricultural exposition featuring the latest technology and research exhibits, educational programs, and guided tours. Sponsored by Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, the event is held at the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center at Rock Springs, nine miles southwest of State College, PA, and is one of only three agricultural exhibitions in the country sponsored by a major University.  The exhibits showcase the latest in Penn State research, as well as information on best management practices and changing regulations in the agricultural industry. Over 45,000 people attend this event.

Keystone Group Agricultural Seeds Is Exclusive Stine Seed Dealer in PA

from the Stine Seed website. Stine Seed Company is the nation’s largest independently owned corn and soybean seed company. Keystone Group Agricultural Seeds

Stine Seed Company is expanding its national dealer network into the state of Pennsylvania. Keystone Group Agricultural Seeds, based in New Columbia, is now the exclusive Stine dealer in the state. Keystone Group serves hundreds of farmers in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia through various partnerships with more than 55 agribusinesses and seed companies.

Stine SeedKeystone Group Owner Joe Anchor has been in the seed business for more than 13 years. He is also a grower who plants Stine soybeans on his own acres.

“Like Stine Seed Company, Keystone Group is a family-owned business. I am a farmer. My customers are farmers and I have their best interest at heart. I want their operations to be successful and that’s why I supply them the best product packages on the market,” says Anchor. “From personal experience, I’ve learned that Stine provides high-yielding soybeans, superior genetics, and they have the most advanced breeding program in the country. That’s why I’m proud to offer Stine soybeans to my customers.”

Stine soybeans are an extension of the full line of alfalfa, corn and soybean products already available through Keystone Group Agricultural Seeds.

“Keystone Group Agricultural Seeds is a valuable addition to Stine Seed Company’s distribution system,” says Stine Regional Sales Manager Ken Wolf. “They will expand Stine’s geographic footprint and allow us to serve a new group of growers. For the first time in nearly a decade, farmers in Pennsylvania will have access to the best genetics and seed technologies on the market.”

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