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Increa$e Your Profit$ per Acre

  • Soil test.

  • Apply lime as required

  • Use the manure on your corn acres.

  • Consider potash applications prior to the soybean crop…take care of corn needs now.

  • Use America’s Best Soybean Inoculants (ABM).

  • Plant early! Start planting soybeans one week or more ahead of your field corn.

  • Consider earlier group soybeans (3.0 instead of 3.6, or 2.7 instead of 3.3).

  • Strive to begin harvest in mid-September. Especially if wheat is part of the rotation!

  • No-till if you’re not doing so already!

  • Consider precision planting and lower populations…as low as 110 to 150,000/acre.

  • Like wheat, soybeans are only ready for harvest once, afterwards quality begins to decline.

Stine Seed

Our Key Supplier


Stine is the seed company that we started with. Stine has been developing the industry’s highest-yielding soybean genetics for more than 3 decades. Stine has the strongest breeding program in the world, and it has been for years. Stine is still a privately owned company, and there are more Stine genetics in the world. 85% of the genetics that are planted in the United States come from Stine’s breeding program.

To request a full catalog, please call 888-825-5088 or contact us via email.

Download a Product PDF of these Stine seed varieties:

Stine Soybean Varieties

Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield
17RF26 19RF32 20RF23
24RE03 28RE20 29RD22
29RE22 31RF02 31RF23
31RF32 32RF02 32RF32
37RC82 37RD22 38RE02
Liberty Link
27LE32 31LE32 34LE32
35LF22 36LE32 37LF22
2012 Mount Joy Soybean Plot
                       2013 Mount Joy Soybean Plot
Other Roundup Ready and Conventional Varieties
AGI 32C06 Dennison DF 5263 R2Y/STS

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