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HULLESS BARLEY: Cotner Farms and Keystone Group Ag Seeds embarked on a new project several years ago. The goal was to learn if hulless barley could be used as a feed component in Cotner Farms egg production and could hulless barley be a viable crop for Cotner Farms to incorporate into their crop rotation. As this project moved forward, we at Keystone Group Ag Seeds were asked to assist in securing and producing seed for the hulless barley project at Cotner Farms. Since those humble beginnings, we have moved forward with both new varieties and research. This research has enabled the Hulless Barley growers in Pennsylvania to achieve higher yields, better quality, and greater profitability. We look forward to working with farmers who can grow and utilize this “new” grain. Ongoing research is being conducted by Keystone Group Ag Seeds and Cotner Farms. With the cooperation of Dr. Greg Roth at the Pennsylvania State University, we continue to look at new varieties and their potential. We are currently planning to continue our planting rates study to determine more accurate seeding rates. Several other things being studied are: disease tolerance, standability, winter hardiness, yield and maturity.

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Click here to download more information about the Keystone Group Ag Seeds’ Hulless Barley program.

WHEAT: In our formative years of Keystone Group Ag Seeds we accessed wheat from several companies or other locations. Several folks encouraged us to explore our own wheat program – determine what varieties would work here, secure licensing with wheat breeders, and have the seed grown for us,. We moved ahead with this. Today, Keystone Group Ag Seeds is proud to offer its own lines of seed wheat. This past year, in 2011, we offered 4 varieties of Keystone Brand Wheat, as well as 2 public varieties. We recognize that the wheat needed in the East was vastly different than a lot of the varieties produced for the West and the mid-West. As our wheat project has progressed, we have been looking at new lines and this year, for the first time, we are in the Penn State Wheat Trials. Wheat, like the other crops that we have been involved with, should be placed on the appropriate soils that each farmer has on his farm. All of our wheat lines will compete and should be considered the best of the best.

To request a full catalog, please call 888-825-5088 or contact us via email.


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